be measured?

The 5 Levers.

F&E Performance messen mit 5 Stellhebeln
F&E Performance messen Strategie

1. Strategy.

Strategy is crucial because it sets the direction, creates focus, enables competitive advantages, manages risks, allocates resources efficiently, promotes innovation, facilitates communication, measures performance, and ensures adaptability in a changing environment. Strategy is the key to the company’s long-term success.

2. Process.

Processes are crucial because they promote efficiency, optimize workflows, minimize errors, utilize resources effectively, enhance quality, facilitate communication, boost performance, and ensure adaptability to changes in the work environment. Processes are the key to productivity.

F&E Performance messen Prozess
F&E Performance messen Projekt-Management

3. Project management.

Project management is crucial because it creates structure, optimally utilizes resources, promotes collaboration, minimizes risks, sets clear goals, ensures project progress, facilitates communication, and increases the chances of success.
Project management is the “operating system” for successful projects.

4. Structure.

Organizational structure is crucial because it creates clear responsibilities, thereby promoting efficiency and effectiveness, defines communication channels, sets decision-making processes, and facilitates cross-functional collaboration.
The structure is the balance between synergy and autonomy.

F&E Performance messen Struktur
F&E Performance messen Menschen

5. People.

Qualification is a crucial foundation. However, without motivation, the potential does not translate into performance. People who look forward to their work and their team, who feel psychologically safe in their work environment, and who experience both professional and personal development, achieve better results. People thrive when the culture is right for them.

The maturity level of your organization.

We evaluate your company’s performance index—your organizational maturity—using 5 levers, 25 sub-levers, 60 success factors, and 120 KPIs.

From the combination of EBIT potentials and the maturity level of your organization, we identify the top action areas that can best enhance R&D EBIT.

F&E Performance messen Organisations Reifegrad

We evaluate your R&DPerformance.

The R&D Performance Self-Assessment.

In a 3-hour workshop with the R&D leadership team, you will get to know our methodology:

Part 1: Self-assessment of R&D EBIT cost potentials.

Part 2: Organizational maturity in 5 levers.

Part 3: Result interpretation.

Through scenario-based delineation, it quickly becomes clear whether an implementation is worthwhile.