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Session 4 of 5

4. Quality costs

Higher product maturity – more EBIT.

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CTO CIRCLE live with Felix Bondarenko, Director for Development Excellence at Kardex Remstar.

For the past 5 years, Felix has been with Kardex Remstar and, since 2022, has served as the Director for Development Excellence, where he is primarily responsible for continuous process optimization in research and development as well as the introduction of agile working methods.

Felix Bondarenko is a language talent. He speaks German, Russian, Hebrew, English, and Spanish. As a Swabian, can he also speak Bavarian?

Kardex Remstar is a global leader in automated storage and retrieval systems, specializing in efficient, space-saving solutions for storage, picking, and material flow in industrial and commercial applications.

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Session 4 of 5: Quality Costs

Higher product maturity – more EBIT.

How high are your company’s quality costs? What proportion of this is caused by suppliers or production? What proportion of this is caused directly by R&D? How much can the R&D EBIT be increased by reducing “design errors”?

Non-conformity costs (NC) are divided into scrap, rework and guarantee & warranty.

Qualitätskosten - Mehr EBIT geringere Qualitätsprobleme.

Is the cause of the NC costs due to insufficient R&D intensity? Could more EBIT have been achieved because the impact of higher R&D investments is significantly lower than the disadvantage of quality deficits? If so, savings were made in the wrong area. Could have, should have…

Knowledge is better than guessing.
Do you know what this calculation looks like for you? – That’s exactly what we want to find out together in the next CTO CIRCLE.

The R&D costs are just one of 5 cost types through which your R&D can influence the EBIT contribution.

What contribution does your
R&D make to the EBIT?

  • 1

    Cost of Delay
    more EBIT through earlier revenues and margins – plus fewer project cost overruns.

  • 2
    Innovation Performance
    more profit through more innovations with higher margins.
  • 3
    R&D Costs
    lower R&D costs through more efficiency for the same or higher effectiveness.
  • 4
    Quality Costs
    lower costs through scrap, rework, and warranty.
  • 5
    Manufacturing Costs
    better economies of scale through intelligent Design-to-Cost.

These 5 values are determined in the first part of an R&D EBIT estimation workshop. Through various scenarios, we can also identify the tipping points where the outcome changes.

Where are the causes of your
EBIT potentials?

The root cause analysis is exciting: What needs to be changed in the organization to unlock the potentials? Five levers to optimize the maturity of your R&D: STRATEGY, PROCESS, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, STRUCTURE, and the success factor PEOPLE.

Jointly evaluated in the R&D Self-Assessment using 25 sub-levers.

We evaluate your
R&D performance.

Estimate your EBIT potentials and the maturity level of your R&D in the guided R&D Performance Self-Assessment. The workshop concludes with a one-hour discussion and interpretation of the workshop results.

The CTO CIRCLE is an exclusive group of selected personalities from the technical top management in the industries of:

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