1. Your message in focus.

Storytelling is by far the most effective method to convince people.
In storytelling, you think of a message you want to convey. Then you choose a metaphor, an analogy from nature, science, family, or other areas of life.
A metaphor will make it easier for you to generate agreement.
Then you build the bridge to your message and transfer the agreement.

What sounds so simple requires practice. Otherwise, your story might seem “far-fetched” and backfire.



2. Create images.

The Bible is the best-selling book on Earth. Its messages are full of parables and metaphors. Despite over 500 pages, it ultimately boils down to 10 commandments. However, the summary alone isn’t enough for persuasion.

Metaphors create mental images. The more detailed you transport situations through images, the more assuredly your audience follows your thread.

The brain activity generated in the minds of listeners is scientifically 24 times greater with images than without.
Therefore, the art lies in finding the right images for the right message and conveying them in the right form.
This is something you can practice and refine.



3. Transmit emotions.

The powerful impact of conveying information through images can be dramatically heightened.

When your audience salivates and gets goosebumps from your messages, you have triggered emotions in them.

The combination of images and emotions is the most potent form of rhetorical communication.
When thousands of listeners are captivated by your storytelling during your presentations, you have succeeded in focusing their energy on the message that is important to you.


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Learning STORYTELLING Correctly requires practice.
It begins with your understanding and acceptance of a methodology.

Success follows when you can apply it daily. This requires repetition. We can train you in this. Accompanying people in their progress is a fulfilling task for us.

For training in case studies, nature has given us a gift: we humans cannot pretend. A simulated situation feels real subconsciously. Our emotions during training are the same as in a real situation. Successful top athletes are aware of this effect.

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