1. What is your purpose?

If you want to create meaning, it helps you to first find your own meaning. In Japan, this is called IKIGAI. From life (iki) and value (gai). So, the value of life.

IKIGAI is practiced on the Japanese island of Okinawa. The majority of centenarians live there. In addition to daily exercise, healthy eating, and living in a community, “IKIGAI” is one of the central reasons for their long lives. They do not know the term “retirement” and remain active throughout their lives. Their very personal IKIGAI gives them motivation; it is the “reason to get up in the morning,” their life purpose.

In IKIGAI, you answer 4 questions:

1. Passion.
What do you love? What brings you joy? What is your passion?
2. Skills.
What are you good at?
3. Values, Mission, Impact.
What can you give to the world?
4. Demand.
What can you be paid for?



2. The intersections.

When you have found your answers to the four questions, it is worthwhile to look at the four intersections in the next step:

A. Passion.
Where joy and strength meet, passion can arise. What are you passionate about, what can you do for hours and lose track of time?

B. Mission.
You see something that the world urgently needs and you want to give it back. You are enthusiastic and make yourself useful in the best sense. You are able to infect and inspire others with your enthusiasm.

C. Profession.
You are a true professional. For your activities, you receive recognition and a sufficient income thanks to your expertise. When you tackle something in your field, it succeeds.

D. Vocation.
Society needs you and you follow its call. You have a good income and see the meaning in what you do. Your work keeps society running. You support your fellow human beings.



3. Blockages are welcome.

Sometimes you have difficulties naming what you like to do or even love.
This often stems from a limiting belief or an inner judgment that “one doesn’t do such things.” For example, “shopping extensively for hours” or “lazing around, lying in the sun, and doing nothing.”

Here, a coach can help you, at least temporarily, to take the freedom without judging yourself internally.
In doing so, you might discover a deeper desire within you that is yet to be uncovered.
Sometimes, this is exactly the crucial clue to a passion not yet lived.

Find your meaning and learn to truly create meaning for others.


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Learning to CREATE MEANING Correctly requires practice.
It begins with your understanding and acceptance of a methodology.

Success follows when you can apply it daily. This requires repetition. We can train you in this. Accompanying people in their progress is a fulfilling task for us.

For training in case studies, nature has given us a gift: we humans cannot pretend. A simulated situation feels real subconsciously. Our emotions during training are the same as in a real situation. Successful top athletes are aware of this effect.

The most effective feedback comes from yourself. We provide you with guidance and ensure a safe environment for this.

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