INSPIRE Correctly.

1. More than: being convinced.

The mind and the heart are like two horses within you. If one of them wants to go in a different direction, you may be externally committed but internally blocked. Then, a horse stands sideways in the stable. Become aware of what those 2 horses within you stand for.

When your mind says: “It’s reasonable to work on this.” Then you may be convinced but not yet enthusiastic. Only when your heart also pulls you in that direction, flow can emerge – likewise in reverse.

Enthusiasm is like flow – when you lose track of time and space. When you work enthusiastically towards your goal – resilient against setbacks – because a higher purpose guides you.

“If you want to conquer an island, burn your ships!” What are you burning for?

Find YOUR ENTHUSIASM and you will inspire others.

INSPIRE Correctly

INSPIRE Correctly.

2. Inspire with value.

When I even think about it, I get goosebumps!

Excited people are fascinated. In joy and passion, you have a higher concentration of happiness hormones (neurotransmitters) within you. The most well-known ones are dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins (we strongly recommend distancing from external intake).

Enthusiasm is a fine line between a flash in the pan and deep, enduring energy that moves mountains.

Your areas of enthusiasm are connected to your deep core values.

Find this connection to your values and make it conscious. Draw the “connection line” between what you want to inspire others with and your values. Then, your counterpart will see your sparkling eyes, and your vibration will transmit.

Find your values.

INSPIRE Correctly

INSPIRE Correctly.

3. What is important to you?

They forget space and time and they are devoted to it. Twenty to fifty times a day a young child experiences the state of enthusiasm. Each of these small bursts of enthusiasm causes a watering can filled with fertilizer to be poured into the brain, which is needed for growth and remodeling processes of neural networks, allowing children to learn quickly.

An 86-year-old German learned Mandarin because he fell in love with a Chinese woman.

If we want to know how to inspire other people, we need to find out what was important to them in the past, what is important to them now, and what may be particularly important to them in the future.

With the power of your enthusiasm, you can achieve excellence.

INSPIRE Correctly

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Learning to INSPIRE Correctly requires practice.
It begins with your understanding and acceptance of a methodology.

Success follows when you can apply it daily. This requires repetition. We can train you in this. Accompanying people in their progress is a fulfilling task for us.

For training in case studies, nature has given us a gift: we humans cannot pretend. A simulated situation feels real subconsciously. Our emotions during training are the same as in a real situation. Successful top athletes are aware of this effect.

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