VISUALIZE Correctly.

1. Define your goal.

From thoughts comes reality. You are today what you thought yesterday (Epictetus).

For an experiment, participants were sought who could not play the piano.

Group 1 played the same simple sequence of notes on a piano for a few minutes every day.

Group 2 mentally imagined playing the same sequence of notes every day, without being near a piano.

A brain scan was performed every day. As expected, Group 1 showed new connections and increased activity in the corresponding brain area. However, what caused great astonishment were the brain scans of the second group. Their results hardly differed from those of Group 1. Increased activity was also observed here.

What does this mean?

Through your pure imagination, you can create new connections in your brain and thus learn things without actually doing them.

To achieve this, you first need a goal.


VISUALIZE Correctly.

2. Create a scene for yourself.

Think of a scene from the future where you have already achieved your goal.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I?

Who is with me?

What exactly does it look like?

Imagine many beautiful details for one scene. Then switch to slow motion. And now repeat and repeat and repeat … that one scene.

Now your endurance and patience are needed. If your inner drive comes up now, welcome it and observe it – but tell it that it’s not helpful right now, and you’ll come back to it when you need it.

Your brain needs time and repetition to form synapses.


VISUALIZE Correctly.

3. Truly feel it.

It’s not about the number of repetitions, but about the regular time you take for it. Repeat the scene slowly and for as long as emotions like joy, gratitude, pride, or love arise. Enjoy your feelings in each scene. This way, you connect your emotions with the scene.

When a smile appears on your lips, you’ll know it worked.
These emotions are precisely the proof that your brain cannot distinguish reality from imagination.

It’s a long-term process. Now, be patient and open. Also observe the details that will happen to you in the future. It surely doesn’t happen when you force it or expect it. Often, it happens and we no longer associate it with our efforts.

And then come the moments when you think: “Can this really be true!?”

At first, it often requires a bit of overcoming and guidance, then optimization. Let’s practice it – it’s worth it.


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Learning to VISUALIZE Correctly requires practice.
It begins with your understanding and acceptance of a methodology.

Success follows when you can apply it daily. This requires repetition. We can train you in this. Accompanying people in their progress is a fulfilling task for us.

For training in case studies, nature has given us a gift: we humans cannot pretend. A simulated situation feels real subconsciously. Our emotions during training are the same as in a real situation. Successful top athletes are aware of this effect.

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