One look. And everything was said – without a single word being said. They understood each other. And he would act in his own interest. Automatically. Intuitively. And for the good of his company.

Of course, there would still be controversy. With the client, with colleagues. About ways and goals, about approaches and measures. And that was a good thing too: After all, it was all about finding the best solution. The basis for this honest exchange was created: understanding and trust. With just one look.

Interest in Humans.

Mutual success can only be achieved through trusting cooperation. The basis for this trust is the consultant’s willingness to put himself in the shoes of every personality involved in the project. To think and feel completely into them – into those of the client and those of the colleague. Sensitively, directly, openly and without reservations. Sometimes the individual points of view and motivations are clearly visible, sometimes they have to be discovered between the lines. The ability to recognize the unsaid and the situational behavior derived from it – the complete withdrawal of oneself or the committed advancement of the project – create the conditions for forming a “Real Team”. With all senses, wide awake and with joyful expectation of reaching the common goal.