He looked at his desk: in front of him were analyses, forecasts and key figures. Again and again he read individual passages, marked them, collected facts – sometimes shaking his head with a frown.

Several hours had passed. The various stacks of paper had disappeared and given way to one sheet: the quintessence, the focus on the core problem. Next to it were five more pages – the main points of his recommendations for action.

The best solution!

Safety comes from expertise. It is a precondition for the sovereignty of a consultant and for the ability to simplify complex problems to concentrate on the important core issues – to develop sustainable solutions. Despite all experience: a good advisor gets involved with each client in a new way. Driven by curiosity and the desire to constantly expand one’s own horizons. Measures that are comprehensible to the customer on the basis of sound analyses and that fit optimally into the respective company structure and culture. And have one thing as their goal: The best solution!