He looked into the circle: After analyzing the facts and figures, the faces had become very serious. Individual findings were certainly already known, but had never before been put into the overall context in this form. The air was charged, one spark, and it would explode.

He remained calm – he knew the dramatic situation, in which a crisis first has to be passed through to create the euphoria. He kept talking. Things that nobody had dared to say before – because they were considered political. Accurate and pointed. Then the relieving smile. He was allowed to – because he was neutral and he was hired to do it… But that alone was not it! He could do it.

Enjoying the work.

Precise formulations and accurate visualizations create the thin line of the unsparing but necessary truth-communication. A thoroughly closed chain of logic produces the clean separation of cause and effect, goals and paths. The view on things becomes clear. The consultant is detached from daily business. His energy is free for new ways – for the future. He can work out new, creative solutions. And transport them in such a way that they hit the point and stick – in the minds and hearts of the decision-makers.