That look at the group. He looked appreciatively each team member in the face.

He smiled. Happy with every single one of them. And with himself.

It was his customer, his project – his responsibility. He had taken up the challenge and the expectations. He had acted and committed himself as if it were his own company. He had looked beyond the horizon to develop a comprehensive solution – always keeping the goal firmly in view, in everything he did. Yes, he was rightly satisfied with what the team and he had achieved.

Temporary Entrepreneurs.

Only by considering all the interrelationships is it possible to achieve holistic, sustainable solutions that fit harmoniously into the overall strategy. It is this knowledge – and acting accordingly – that distinguishes a good consultant: He considers and pays attention to far more than just the task assigned to him. He develops his measures from the entrepreneur’s understanding of his role within the company.

He acts in a success- and result-oriented manner. In full awareness of his own responsibility and the scope of his recommendations.